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About Us


WT Lawry & Son is a third-generation family business.  We pride ourselves on our dedication to our existing customers and have decades of experience which we can pass on to anybody new to the profession.  


In the 1970’s Bill Lawry was working as a funeral director who made his own coffins.  He was asked by some local colleagues in the funeral trade if he could make their coffins and soon he was supplying a large number of the businesses in the area.   


He was soon joined by his son Tony and together they built a successful coffin making business.  Over the years the business moved away from its carpentry roots as the demand for solid coffins decreased as veneers became more popular.


After Bill retired, Tony decided to focus on the wholesale side of the business, meeting the changing needs of our customer base.  In 2019 Tony runs the business with his wife Angie and they were joined by their son Daniel after he left college in 2001.         


As a small business we know that good service is at the heart of everything we aim to do.  We know that in the funeral profession unforeseen circumstances can sometimes cause time to become tight or situations to change and it's our job to minimise the disruption this can cause to the bereaved.  Our reputation is built on reliability, discretion and trustworthiness.  

WT Lawry & Son                     

Serving the Funeral Directors of Cornwall for 40 Years
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