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We stock between 150 and 200 coffins in our warehouse meaning that 90% of the time we are able to supply a coffin within 24 hours of the order being placed.  For special orders (unusual sizes, solid coffins etc) we ask to allow 3-4 days for us to source the item.

Our coffins are plastic lined as standard with cremfilm and include a cardboard pillow for convenience.  They can be supplied as a basic shell but many of our customers choose to use our fitting service taking back valuable time from their working week.


Our fitting service is entirely bespoke and we have a range of handles and linings to suit different costs and styles for cremation and burial.  We are more than happy to arrange a meeting at our warehouse to discuss different options.

We also offer an engraving service which utilises our professional engraving machine.  This can produce breast plates and casket plates to a very high standard.


For a comprehensive list of our sizes and other items please see our stock page.   

As we have multiples of each size in stock we are also able to act in an emergency if a coffin is accidentally damaged before a funeral and get a replacement out quickly.

With coffins available so rapidly we can eliminate the need for Funeral Directors to keep their own stock, freeing up space which can be used for vehicles or storage. 


WT Lawry & Son                     

Serving the Funeral Directors of Cornwall for 40 Years
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